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Initial phone consultation is free of charge. Call for an appointment: 864-431-3455

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  How much will it cost me?

I charge a flat fee for all my legal services. The amount you will have to pay is determined by the complexity of your case and the number of issues to be decided.  In addition, you are responsible for all miscellaneous expenses such as court filing fees, motion fees, other court costs, expenses related to discovery, accountant fees, investigator fees, etc. I require an initial deposit to cover costs such as these.  Please see the Flat Fee Pricing page for more details.

What if I can't afford your fees?

Filing a case in Family Court is not always the most cost effective way to solve some legal problems.  If you are trying to enforce the terms of a settlement agreement, alimony or visitation order, often times a demand letter from your attorney is all it takes to get the person who is not obeying the order to comply. My fee for a demand letter is $150. If your finances are limited and you are trying to enforce the terms of a court order, a demand letter could be an affordable first step that may help you avoid the cost of litigation.

What is included in the initial phone consultation?

This is an informal conversation that gives me the opportunity to assess the issues involved in your case so that I can give you an accurate estimate of what my services will cost you. The initial consult also gives you the opportunity to determine whether you think I'm the right lawyer for you and if you want to hire me to represent you for your legal matters. An in-person consult can be scheduled for a nominal fee.

Should you decide to hire me, you will be required to sign a representation agreement detailing the particular services to be rendered and fees to be paid. Representation does not begin until the agreement is signed and the flat fee and deposit for costs are paid.

Why don't you offer a free in-person consult?

I used to,  But since I'm usually only in my office to meet with clients, it was becoming a burden when so many people would make initial appointments and then not show up.  For this reason I'm restricting the initial no-cost consultation to a phone conversation.  However, if after speaking with me on the phone you would like to meet in person to further discuss your case, I will schedule an appointment for a nominal charge..

Why don't you charge by the hour like other lawyers?

When I first opened my practice, I offered the option of hourly billing or a flat fee.  I have found that clients prefer paying a flat fee up front, so I have discontinued hourly billing.  A flat fee gives you the certainty of knowing what the total expense for legal fees will be. You don't have to worry about monthly statements that list every letter, fax, phone call, and e-mail and what you had to pay for each one based on the time that was spent doing them. And since very few matters in Family Court are decided quickly, you won't go for months worrying about how much your legal fees will ultimately be and how you're going to pay for them. With a flat fee you know from the start and can budget accordingly.

For more on Flat Fee pricing, click here.


I accept payment by cashier's check or money order. 


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